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Wednesday, August 20

Outfit two!

This is what I wore to my second interview yesterday. It was also much more fun than the first. I'll let you guess for yourself exactly where. (I wore my suit with a striped banker shirt to the first. You know what my suit looks like...)

Oh and this is my go-to "big girl" VIP give-me-a-job satchel. It's glorious, smells yummy, and matches my portfolio.



Sweater jacket, J. Crew; dress, Zara; bag, Anna Corinna; mary janes, Marc by Marc Jacobs.


  1. I love every part of this outfit! That yellow popping off the black and white and those shoes- lovely!
    ps- where did you find a portfolio that color?

  2. It's by Buxton and they had them at OfficeMax! They had purple and pink ones too, ha.

  3. Oh god -- those shoes are too cute -- I want them!


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