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Friday, August 8

On wearing black

I rarely go without splashes of color in my wardrobe. Or dressing in color head to toe. I don't know why today I went with the black dress instead of the orange/yellow acid floral. (This is the black version of that H&M dress I posted about in May.) I guess I really wanted to wear zebra print more than bright colors. Though I suppose I could have worn them together.

I was at an event that felt more than a little Junior League this evening and would have felt uncomfortable dressing that loudly, even if I was in Midtown.




And on a random tangent, the weather's still finicky. You can't really tell, but it was definitely raining when I took these photos. How ironic that the natural light on my deck is so good when it's finished thunderstorming.

Dress, H&M; jacket, J. Crew; shoes, Nine West; costume jewelry necklace, Canal Street; scrimshaw bangle, JKC.


  1. I love the outfit. You look so posh! The jacket is very polished, but not at all stuffy. Fabulous!

  2. Thanks! Growing up in the South has me paranoid about crossing certain lines. Zebra print screams "wild!" and is right on the border.

  3. That jacket is amazing. Very lovely.

  4. just wandering around the blogosphere, i have to say that that jacket is fantastic! and great blog


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