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Friday, August 19

City Casual

August 19 2011 4
Trying to soak up these last little tidbits of carefree summer! Classes begin next week and I'll be back to super extra busy mode once again.

Here's a glimpse into a recent summertime event--this new painting on the square in Decatur. No, I cannot take any credit for it, but I did get to see it go up! Well, as much of it as I could, considering I spent most of those days working on the other side of the wall.

And I never really posted my treasures from the Unclaimed Baggage Center trip, but here is one of them. After feeling satisfied from scouring the International section, I halfheartedly flipped through the denim. As I'm not really a pants favoring kind of girl, I was only idly peeking to pass the time. Then I came upon these: brand new Paige jeans with the tags on for $15. I've never owned a pair of Paige, but when they fit, I decided to take them home with me.

Treasure hunting! Popsicle parties! Large scale paintings happening at work! I don't think I want this summer to ever end.

August 19 2011 2

August 19 2011 1
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  1. I did end up sizing up in it. I'm normally a size 2/xs in Madewell brand shirts and bought a small in this. It's a little oversized and I think I could have done an XS, but it's fine. Hope this helps!

  2. Scarlet, you're so sweet! I felt kind of the same way because I'm very straight hipped and have athletic legs for my frame, but it kind of works. Also, the shopaholic in me couldn't pass up that deal, so it wasn't a huge investment to try the trend.


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