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Monday, August 29

Free People Atlanta: Yes and Yes

FP Party Overview 2

So my friends have suffered from my excitement and enthusiasm regarding the Free People Atlanta store for the past several weeks. Upon overhearing a mere rumor that the brand was going to branch into my fair city, I started drilling everybody I knew for more details. When? Where? Do you think you'll have these 80 things on my wishlist?

I started hoarding all of my favorite pieces from work in order to be properly Free People'd up when the magic day finally arrived. And the store did not disappoint, friends--I wanted to see and touch and try and wear everything.

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Here is a sampling of my favorite pieces, some I purchased, the rest of which are on my wishlist.

FP Party Clothes 2
The necklace plus the bandeau plus the dress make this extra special.

FP Party Clothes 7
Love this sweater belted! Or you can wear it loose like a poncho. Spotted it in several colors.

FP Party Clothes 4
My new dress obsession. We happened to receive this at the boutique a few days before I headed to Free People! It is incredible on.

FP Party Clothes 1
Above dress in another colorway. Love the embroidery, very Scandinavian.

FP Party Clothes 8
Leather pants!

FP Party Clothes 6

FP Party Clothes 3
This scallop crop top went home with me. I've been scouting this out online for months.

FP Party Clothes 5
Figure skater/goth princess/victorian lace fit and flare dress. Love this in black also with a cute collared top layered underneath.

But I almost didn't get to the clothes because I was so distracted by the displays! Every corner was packed with special little details, and it was all very cohesive to the brand despite the varied techniques and textures used throughout the store. It is a display maker's dream! Can you imagine playing with all of these different materials to make your space pretty day after day?

FP Party Display 1
The use of these vintage looking tassels was widespread throughout the store. I think they really added a bazaar feel to the whitewashed space. And check out those lanterns in the background! And the brightly colored bits of ribbon!

FP Party Display 5
The fitting rooms were outfitted with these amazing ralli quilt/kantha/sari fabric curtains. These types of vintage fabrics are my obsession lately, and I was thrilled to see how they used these vintage textiles!

FP Party Display 4
Even the little ottomans in the fitting rooms used the traditional fabrics. It's hard to see in these shots, but all of these fabrics are cotton with little running stitches in contrasting colors. I want these fabrics in every form right now: quilts, purses, scarves, stuffed animals, everything.

FP Party Display 3
The front window display. Love the mix of new and old, neons and natural elements.

FP Party Display 2
Even the wall adornments were eyecatching! Love this sequin and sparkle collage and how it works so well with the wallpaper.

I personally buy tons of Free People "intimates" pieces. The little bralettes, camis, and leggings they produce for this division are always so romantic and are perfect for layering. So when I wandered into the intimates alcove in the store, I had to stop grabby-handsing everything. But for realskies, Free People is my favorite source for lacy underthings that are sexy, practical, and affordable.

FP Party Intimates 2

FP Party Intimates 1
This was the most versatile slip! Almost the entire staff had it on and I couldn't resist snagging it for myself.

FP Party Intimates 3
Bandeaus and Madonna-esque bustiers! Perfect for low necklines and sheer fabrics.

The last category that really struck me (okay, at this point I think I loved everything) was the jewelry and accessories. The jewels were displayed in little pockets throughout the store and I felt like they were really strong anchor pieces to create mini vignettes in each section.

Though there was not a lack of jewels or accessories in any way, I can't help but wish there was more. Because I am a maximalist and more and is more.

FP Party Accessories 3
The mixture of textures and finishes on this table was tantalizing.

FP Party Accessories 2
Teeny rings! 70s bohemian baubles!

FP Party Accessories 1
I wish I had perused this section more thoroughly: socks and hosiery.

And that covers my visit to the new Free People store. Thanks so much to the Free People Atlanta staff for inviting me to poke around, and be sure to check out my lady pals Alicia of kittenmasks' and Lady Flashback's posts on the event!

FP Party Overview 1

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