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Thursday, August 4

I Can't Dance Just With Your Ghost

One of the things I love about having grown up in and around Atlanta is the number of amazing people I've met along the way. I'm always floored by how talented and stylish and important my friends are.

Specifically, two of my favorite local people sing and play in the band Book Club. Markus describes their sound as "like drinking a glass of milk." That is, to say, though the lyrics lend themselves to the melancholy, the melodies and instrumentals are very wholesome and pleasing to the ear. Creative Loafing describes their sound as a haunting mix of folk, country, and pop music.

l-r: Joseph, Matt, Leigh Anne, Robbie, Lee

The talented five just put out their first full length release, Ghost, and I'm thrilled to be able to listen at home in addition to making it to all of their shows. You can listen to and purchase it on their site here.

It just so happens that to celebrate, they will be holding a special album release show at the Earl tonight, Thursday August 4th! I'm going to go pick up a copy of their record on vinyl and be standing in the very front. Hope to see you locals there!

Robbie and Leigh Anne are the best!

Listen to their (and my and your new) favorite song here:

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