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Tuesday, August 16

Two by Two

August 16 2011 1
It was just cool enough today to wear boots and just warm enough still to wear linen today. Can I just tell you about how antsy I am to wear boots every day? Most of my summer shoes are super fun heels and wedges in bright colors, but I almost never wear them since they end up feeling like torture running around at work. But boots? All of mine are flat but still manage to look stylish with everything.

And regarding this dress--I don't think I've ever gotten so many compliments in my life! I'd been casually eyeing this dress for a minute now, but I credit Carol and this post for really pushing it over the top. It pairs so well with bright colors! And while I usually opt for a color pop to cheer my mood, this print was perfectly whimsical and had me prancing around all day.

August 16 2011 4

August 16 2011 3

August 16 2011 5

August 16 2011 2
I hope the rest of you are enjoying this last bit of summer too!

Outfit details:

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  1. such a cute print on your dress! it's still waaaay too hot over here where i live to wear boots! i'm living vicariously through the bloggers i see wearing them including you because this outfit looks great!


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