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Thursday, January 22

Hawaii now, pls

As I've already mentioned at least once, I'm over winter. Now all I can think about are trips to the beach, lavish pool parties (with homemade guac and sangria, ahhhh), and so much sunshine without the interruption from frigid breezes.

So because I'm tired of wearing clothes that cover me head to toe, I'm dreaming about my summer wardrobe. Maybe I'll move to Hawaii and do hair wraps on tourists and airbrush t-shirts for a living. This way I can be in a bikini and on the beach all day. Hmmm...

Juicy Couture Beach Shirred Bandeau Swimdress, $160, Nordstrom

I've been obsessing over this one. I love the retro styling and the little skirt on it. I'm not girly in the way that Juicy girls are most of the time, but this really gets me. And look at the little tie! So cute. SO CUTE. I believe it also comes with a halter strap. Thank God because my chest would not hold all that material there.

VS Very Sexy Twist-back halter top bikini, $34 per piece, Victoria's Secret

I looove the twist detail on this. And the green color is really fab. My only concern is that it's likely to be more skimpy in person than online. Oh well, sometimes you need a skimpy suit. You have to look nice on your days off when you're sunning. And what about the tanlines? Whatever, just rotate swimwear.

Despi Racerback one-piece, $160, Urban Outfitters

Look at how incredible the detailing is! This is for top deck sunning only. I'd be too afraid that the hardware would rust. Or get ice cold. Or get burning hot for that matter! Whatever, as long as you look fabulous it will be fine.

Alexander McQueen for Target, drops March 2009

Xhilaration Checker multicolor bikini, $14.99 per piece, Target

This is probably the only one I will end up dropping dollars on this season. Ha. Not only because it's the least expensive, but because it matches my Built by Wendy knockoff sundress exactly. Because I grew up in the South and sometimes you just want things to match.

This list might grow as more preview photos from the Ashley Paige diffusion line for Target surface. The last photos I saw were all very fifties and sixties inspired swim costumes and some hi-waisted bikinis! So excited!

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  1. i wanted that green one too!! except when i asked for a second opinion they preferred this shirred bandeau one from VS.


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