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Friday, January 9

Girls love RM

Upon receiving my Rebecca Minkoff bag (see her here), of course I touched all the zippers and pockets and admired the lining.

Apparently I missed this little bit:



I found this little card in the inner zip pocket.

Haha, at first I was like, "Hmm, maybe I accidentally purchased a used bag. Oh well. Get it girl!" And then I was like, well, maybe it's the guy that sends out the bags from wherever Rebecca's bags come from.

Then this morning I was browsing the Purse Forum and discovered other gals had the same query - Who is this Vincent and why is his phone number in my bag?

Theories ran the gamut from, "I thought the card might be some adult service," from a girl who got hers in Vegas to, "Oh I thought I had collected that from a hot guy after a fun night out."

Apparently the real story is that Rebecca decided to print pictures of cute boys onto cards and tuck them into her bags with a phone number. Rumor has it if you call, "Vincent" answers in a French accent. Cute, and even cuter for her Morning-After bags - imagine finding this the morning after a night out in your Morning After bag. So funny!

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