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Tuesday, January 6

Quick post

Another one while I'm on my way out. This is what I'm wearing to work today. It is still super warm (almost 70 today!). I almost wore sandals with this but had to decide against it, because it is still January after all.

I feel a little Meg White when I wear black and red together. Even though this is not her aesthetic at all. I don't know.

The colors and lighting are still funky because I haven't properly played around with the settings on the new camera yet. I'm not really blue and look frostbitten all the time!




Tank, Old Navy; skirt, H&M Trend; shoes, Zara.

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  1. So cute, Jinah! I love the long, full skirt and dainty shoes- I would look schlumy in it, but you look gorgeous! And even with the blue lighting you look healthier than Meg (bless her). Oh- also- your apt looks amazing too!


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