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Thursday, January 22

Boutique Warehouse Sales

I was thinking to myself earlier this week, "WAIT a minute... Isn't it almost time for the boutique sales?" And then just today I got the DailyCandy email that told me to go hit them up this weekend. And so it's here again!

Twice a year hip boutiques in the city gather in warehouses to clearance off their remaining goods from the season at amazing prices. I've nabbed things for 80-90% off at these sales! If nothing else, it's a fun adventure if you're into that hectic competitive shopping for sport kind of thing (I am!).

It's at Atlantic Station in the same space above Z Gallerie as in July. Some of my favorite boutiques in the city will be participating, including Jac, Boogaloo's, and Drew Lewis. I'm really not supposed to be buying anything, but since I don't have to work that morning I might go take a look... Let me know if you're going!

More details and information at the Boutique Bargains ATL site.

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