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Wednesday, January 28

Some Fashuns

So my biggest fan (okay, I am her biggest fan too) - err, my baby sister complained that all I post about lately is the yarn I'm buying. Hahaha. Which is partially true. I mean, that and I've had a lot of days off during which I don't do or wear anything particularly fashionable.

For example, today, I put on pants and a scarf with basically what I wore the day before to head to a doctor's appointment and the post office. I didn't even use my new cute Hayden Harnett umbrella.

At the current moment I am in full lounge mode in yoga pants and a tank top I found stuffed in the back of one of my drawers (haha! didn't get packed up for Winter!). Sorry, I'm running out of occasions for which to get properly dressed.

Here is a filler post in the meantime. I wore this yesterday to have lunch with an awesome lady friend of mine and to check up on said sister, who was at home sick. I basically throw on a version of this each time I have to step out to the store lately.

OH and also, I found one of these scarves crammed under a stack of other scarves in the H&M Trend clearance and snagged it. Haha! I was so excited, but now I'm wondering if this negates all the knitting prototypes and research I've been doing lately. Oh well.



Tee, Urban Outfitters; scarf, H&M Trend; cardigan, American Apparel; jeans, H&M; shoes, Converse.


  1. Ooo I love that gray and pinky color together. I think that scarf is awesome, but definitely your handmade ones are more gorgeous (i.e. worth it!).

    ps- you, Cath, me and Alicia (Want Beer with that) should all meet up and hit the springwear lines at the local ATL boutiques soon!

  2. What a great find! Love the scarf!


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