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Monday, January 19

Little Princess

Um so rule one of recession chic? Shop in your own closet. Holy crap I forgot I had this jacket and these shoes. Whenever I wear this jacket I feel like I'm in a princess movie. And yesss, I found my sweet Ferragamo knockoffs and stomped around work feeling more empowered than yesterday. ("Oh hale no I am not your servant lady.") I don't know what's the matter with me lately.

New goal for life? Start biting my tongue because if I start sassing people outside of my inner circle it could be trouble. Most of the time I can keep it contained to eyerolls (9 to 3) and generous malicious smiles. No, not really, I am sweet as sugar and dressed as a princess. Oy.




Dress, H&M Trend; jacket, Alice Temperley for Target; tights, Target; shoes, Nine West.

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  1. hahaha you are so cute! i want us to work together again :(


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