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Thursday, January 22

More scarf goodness

This is the result of circle scarf project, prototype #4 (I think it's four, it could be five or six?). I think it turned out okay considering I'm really still a novice.

I finished a scarf!

The finished edges are a little funky - I have issues casting on and casting off at a good tension. But it was a fun and quick project and one step closer to making what I want. This one was knit in the round on circular needles (as was the last one) and took two skeins of the thickest and least expensive "practice" yarn I could find.

Next up is the magical (but horribly frustrating) mobius scarf.

Ugh I finally got that sucker cast on.

Cat Bordhi's mobius-cast-on instructions are a bit mystifying. I finally had to track down a video and realized that she has her own channel on YouTube. Here is the full length video, which I found super informative.

I think I want to track down a copy of her Treasury of Magical Knitting books next. Eccentric, yes, but also magical.


  1. The scarf looks great! We have Cat Bordhi's books at Knitch, in VA-HI. You should come by!

  2. That scarf looks so cozy!

  3. That looks like a professional made it! I can only do basic knitting and I don't even have much patience for that!

  4. it came out really good! knitting is one skill i wish i posessed..smh


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