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Wednesday, January 28

Sorry I'm in a Craft Bubble

Sometimes I get fully fully absorbed into projects. To say, this is the only explanation I have for being so blog-negligent.

The mobius is a tricky thing. I have reworked my current knitting project five or six times. I just can't be satisfied with it. The first time it was way too long and the second I twisted it an extra full twist and then I kept on doing weird funky things that looked fug. And now finally I think this time it's for keeps and it's wrapping up quickly.

While I'm on a scarf roll, I think I may just start on one of these next:

Cosmicpluto's Just Enough Ruffles Scarf

I've seen a few of these on various blogs and it looks great in a lot of different colorways. And it's a little more advanced to keep me occupied on my days off (which are tedious and long sometimes - especially since I don't have a television at the moment...).

The pattern is available here as well as on Ravelry. I can't wait to get started! It is craft time all the time here.

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