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Monday, January 26

Yet more Adventures in Scarfland

Also I've been feeling uninspired fashion wise (still, I guess) and am currently in a deep v and skinny jeans/dress with grandpa cardigan/top with leggings rut. That and I've been distracted trying to Get Things Done while still remaining creative and making awesome things.

I did some reconnaissance missions for craft supplies and am excited to start crafting up a storm! Sadly my current arts and crafts box is filled with silly things like glitter crayons from the 90's and half finished Harry Potter scarves. Hopefully I will get my act together and even set up shop. Right now I just have a list of things I want to make for myself. (I keep having this daydream where I win the lottery so I can open my own boutique and make everything - woodwork, metalsmithing, pottery, glassblowing.)

Here is a progress shot of the mobius scarf. I'm on skein 2 of Malabrigo chunky in Marron oscuro. I like it so far. I think this is the one I'm going to keep and actually wear. I had to wind it into a ball so that my cat would stop rolling around in my mass of yarn and get it ridiculously tangled. I need to do more practice projects so I can make more complicated patterns. I want to try some lacework designs on this.

I've been working on it in half hour spurts. I get easily distracted and am anxious to see the final product! I also joined Ravelry and spent most of the afternoon looking at other people's project pages.

Mmm it's getting all thick.


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